What is SSD Hosting?

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Typically any server consists of one of 3 hard disk types SATA or SSD or NVMe. Each has their own advantages and disadvantages and hence the price difference. SATA stands for Serial Advanced Technology Attachment was first introduced in 2003, SSD stands for Solid State Drive, unlike SATA SSDs don’t have moving parts inside – data is stored on a flash making reads & writes faster. The latest among all the drives is NVMe, stands for Non-Volatile Memory Express was founded in 2013, NVMe is a SSD attached to PCIe slot on mother board.

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Why Choose SSD Hosting over SATA?

SSDs stores data on flash and they don’t have magnetic disc making SSDs are 4xFaster then HDD. Apart from this, following are the features we consider SSD winds over HDD
1. Power: SSDs requires less power
2. Boot Time : Approx ~10 seconds
3. Encryptions : SSD support disk encryptions
4. More durable & no metalic disk
5. Faster upload & Download Speeds
6. Traffic: Can server more requests with high IOPS

SSDs also have its own disadvantages,
1. Cost : they are costly
2. Heat : high speed transactions produce heat
3. Data Recovery : not straight forward, its bit complicated

Microsot Comparison video on HDD vs SSD

How SSD Hosting benefits you?

Faster Query execution

The faster the queries are the faster your login times, faster load times, less laggy websites. Needless to say, almost every screen related to data needs to talk to database and fetch results. IOPs plays vital role here to talk to database, fecth results and give client the requested data. Lets talk how performance boosted for MariaDB using SSD drives. From the startups to the enterprise many companies use MariaDB for their applications and they performed following test

Sata Drive -jobs running in parallel 51 minutes 20 seconds
SSD – jobs running in parallel 22 minutes 30 seconds

Check MariaDB for full Test results

Faster loading websites
Your website will have directly impact on Google SERP, your competitor will rank better if he uses SSD hosting and you don’t. It also effects end user login to website time, faster data transfer between client & Server, as SSDs have higher IOPs the number of simultaneous running jobs will be more and it out performs SATA.

Faster uploads & Downloads
Attachments generally are heavy lifts to the server, the more the size the slower upload time ofcourse it also depends on the speed of internet you’re using but comparatively SSDs out perform SATA for attchment upload or download

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