4 reasons to use CloudFlare Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Want to increase webpage load time? opt for cloudflare CDN – its free, improves your website load-time there by increasing user experience. It also acts as proxy between user and your sever to protect your bandwidth by filtering out malicious visitors. Google algorithm has website loading speed as a factor to rank your website. so a win-win situation for you.

CloudFlare creates cached version of your site worldwide and if a user access your website from a geolocation, cloudflare automatically loads the cached version of your site location close to him, there by making lesser load time for end user. In some cases, if your server goes down the static data or cached version of your website is still available for users.

4 reasons to use CloudFlare Content Delivery Network (CDN)

  1. Protection : protects from malicious visitors by presenting cached version of your website acting as a Proxy.
  2. Save Bandwidth : filters out bots, crawlers & hackers(DDoS), allow whom you want. Increases performance and less spam attacks.
  3. Faster Page Loading / Less Downtime : the best – your website is cached on various geo-locations, making user access website much faster.
  4. its FREE – ofcourse, the best part 🙂 set up in minutes and costs nothing.

How to setup CloudFlare (CDN) to your website

step by step process to add your website to cloudflare

  • Add your Domain Name

  • Select the plan, ofcourse the free tier (for this tutorial) and click on continue

  • Change the setting as per your needs, I recommend to unfilter Email as below

  • According to the recommendations, change the nameservers on your domain registrar

  • My domain is with GoDaddy, hence I’ve updated recommended name-servers

once done, click on skip recommendations and ‘check nameservers’for free

once nameservers are updated( takes ~5 mins), you’ve successfully integrated your website with cloudflare

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