9TO5Host.com  takes  great  care  in  handling  the  personal  data  of  her  customers  to  guarantee  customer  privacy.  Personal  data  is   carefully  converted  and  secured.  In  this  process,  9TO5Host.com  follows  the  demands  stated  in  the  Law  of  the  Protection  of  Personal   data  (Dutch)  And  Law  of  the  Protection  of  Personal  data  (India).  9TO5Host.com  values  the  privacy  and  security  of  the  information   that  you  share  with  us.  This  Privacy  Statement  applies  to  information  collected  through  www.9TO5Host.com  (the  “website”).  This   Privacy  Statement  also  applies  to  other  information  9TO5Host.com  receives  in  the  United  States  from  Europe.  This  Statement   describes  how  9TO5Host.com  collects,  uses,  shares,  protects,  or  otherwise  processes  your  personal  information.  By  using  this   website,  you  agree  to  the  terms  of  this  Privacy  Statement.Collection  and  Use  of  Information


Collection  and  Use  of  Information

9TO5Host.com  collects  personal  information  to  set  up  and  manage  accounts  for  our  ecommerce  services  and  to  handle  orders  of   goods  and  services  from  9TO5Host.com .  

You  may  need  to  provide  9TO5Host.com  with  personal  information  such  as:    

names;  phone  numbers;  mailing,  billing,  shipping,  and  email  addresses;   bank  account  information; credit  and  debit  card  information;  dates  of  birth;  and  identification  documents.    

  • 9TO5Host.com  uses  such  information  for  sending  server  details,  contacting  customer  if  necessary,  processing  payments   and  refunds
  • Providing  customer  service;  providing  dispute  resolution,  chargebacks,  refunds,  or  related  issues
  • Marketing  and  surveys;  sending  service  update  notices;
  • Recovering  debt  and  collections;  detecting  and  preventing  fraud;  detecting  and  preventing  violations  of  our  legal   agreements
  • Measuring,  improving,  and  customizing  our  services
  • Fulfilling  other  technical,  logistical,  financial,  tax,  legal,  compliance,  administrative,  or  back  office  functions

9TO5Host.com  may  also  collect  background  information  and  credit  checks  from  third  parties  to  verify  your  identity;  deter,  detect,   and  prevent  fraud  and  illegal  activity;  make  business  decisions;  and  as  a  part  of  our  legal  obligations.  9TO5Host.com  retains  such   information  for  as  long  as  reasonably  required  for  business  purposes  or  as  reasonably  required  to  comply  with  our  legal  obligations.    

Community  Information   

9TO5Host.com  collects  information  from  you  to  post  entries  to  our  community  website  or  forums.  Such  information  may  include   your  email  address,  Internet  Protocol  address,  user  name,  date  and  time  of  signup,  and  date  and  time  of  posts  to  the  forum.     9TO5Host.com  uses  this  information  for  the  secure  and  efficient  functioning  of  our  website,  to  provide  you  with  access  to  our   community  site,  to  detect  and  prevent  violations  of  our  legal  agreements,  and  as  part  of  any  legal  obligations  related  to  our   community  website.

Transaction  Information

9TO5Host.com  collects  information  on  each  transaction  conducted  through  our  website.  Such  information  may  include  the   amount  of  the  transaction;  the  goods  purchased;  the  identity  of  the  seller,  affiliate,  and  customer;  payment  type;  currency;  location;   Internet  Protocol  address;  and  websites  visited.     9TO5Host.com  uses  such  information  for  refunds,  for  customer  service,  for  website  optimization,  or  for  other  administrative  or   business  purposes.  9TO5Host.com  may  share  information  related  to  the  transactions  you  conduct  through  our  website  with   sellers,  affiliates,  or  customers  for  the  purposes  disclosed  in  this  Privacy  Statement.  9TO5Host.com  retains  transaction   information  for  as  long  as  reasonably  required  for  business  purposes  or  as  reasonably  required  to  comply  with  our  legal  obligations.  

 Customer  Service  Correspondence 

9TO5Host.com  also  collects  information  involving  customer  service  correspondence.  This  information  may  include  emails,  internet   chats,  faxes,  or  telephone  calls  directed  to  our  customer  service  centers.  9TO5Host.com  processes  this  information  to  provide   customer  service,  handle  complaints  or  disputes,  measure  and  improve  our  customer  service,  detect  and  prevent  fraud,  and  detect   and  prevent  violations  of  our  legal  agreements.  9TO5Host.com  retains  customer  service  information  for  as  long  as  reasonably   required  for  business  purposes  or  as  reasonably  required  to  comply  with  our  legal  obligations.    

 Google  AdWords

9TO5Host.com  uses  Google  AdWords,  a  web  analytics  and  search  engine  advertising  campaign  management  service.  Google   AdWords  uses  cookies,  web  beacons,  and  other  means  to  help  9TO5Host.com  analyze  how  users  use  the  site.  You  may  find   Google’s  Privacy  Statement  at  http://www.google.com/intl/en/privacypolicy.html.    


Google  Analytics 

9TO5Host.com  uses  Google  Analytics,  a  web  analytics  service.  Google  Analytics  uses  cookies,  web  beacons,  and  other  means  to   help  9TO5Host.com  analyze  how  users  use  the  site.  You  may  find  Google’s  Privacy  Policy  at  http://www.export.gov/safeharbor/.    

 Your  rights

At  any  moment  you  are  allowed  to  request  9TO5Host.com  to  reveal  which  personal  data  is  being  kept  in  your  customer  profile,  and  if   necessary  we  can  correct  or  delete  this.  You  can  send  in  a  ticket  or  simply  by  e-­-mail  with  the  reference  of  your  name  and  address  to   our  helpdesk  at  [email protected]  .    

 Security  data

9TO5Host.com  uses  security  procedures  to  keep  unauthorized  people  from  obtaining  access  to  personal  data.      

Visiting  data

On  our  website,  we  keep  a  general  history  of  the  pages  that  are  visited  on  our  site,  to  know  which  page(s)  are  visited  most.  The   purpose  of  this  system  is  to  improve  the  setup  of  our  website,  so  9TO5Host.com  can  further  optimize  their  services;  the  information  is   not  used  for  any  other  purposes.


9TO5Host.com  has  the  right  to  make  changes  to  this  Privacy  Statement.  Therefore,  please  check  this  page  regularly.  If  you  have  any   questions,  please  contact  us.