Terms of Service

This  “Acceptable  Use  Policy”  or  “AUP”  of  9TO5Host (9TO5Host.com),  a  Indian  corporation, applies  to  all  services  provided   to  Client  of  9TO5Host.com  and  all  other  divisions  and  identities used  by  9TO5Host.com  and  references  hereinafter  to  9TO5Host.com   includes  reference  to  the foregoing terms.   This  AUP  is  designed  to  provide  a  clear  understanding  of  the  rules,  regulations,  and restrictions  on  the  use  of  the  Services,  Servers,   and  IP  Addresses  of  9TO5Host.com  .  9TO5Host.com may,  from  time  to  time  at  the  sole  discretion  of  9TO5Host.com  ,  impose  rules,   regulations,  or restrictions  not  expressly  stated  in  this  AUP  on  the  use  of  the  Services,  Servers,  and  IP  Addresses of  9TO5Host.com  .   9TO5Host.com  may,  from  time  to  time  at  the  sole  discretion  of  9TO5Host.com , modify  this  AUP  and  such  modification  shall  become   immediately  effective  upon  posting  of  the modified AUP  to  www.9TO5Host.com  or  by  notification  to  you  of  the  modified  AUP.   This  AUP  is  not exhaustive.    

Disclosure  to  Law  Enforcement:

Occasionally,  9TO5Host.com  is  required  by  law  to  submit  customer  information  to  law  enforcement officials  when  presented  with  a   valid  subpoena  from  a  court  with  proper  jurisdiction.  Information requested  is  disclosed  as  directed  pursuant  to  the  subpoena.  9TO5Host.com  utilizes  great  care  in keeping  customer  information  safe  and  private  and  will  only  release  information  described  in  the   subpoena.  9TO5Host.com  will  notify  customer  of  the  information  request  if  allowed  by  the  subpoena.  

Reporting  Violation  of  the  Acceptable  Use  Policy:

9TO5Host.com  accepts  reports  of  alleged  violations  of  the  acceptable  use  policy  via  email  sent  to [email protected]  .  Reports   of  alleged  violations  must  be  verified  and  include  name,  contact information,  IP  address,  and  description  of  the  violation.  9TO5Host.com  will  review  submitted information  and  take  appropriate  action.    Violations:

The  following  violations  are  considered  a  breach  of  our  General  Terms  and  AUP  and  will  result  in suspension  or  cancellation  of   services  and  any  fees  paid  in  advance  of  such  suspension  or cancellation  are  non-­-refundable:    

SPAM  /  Unsolicited  Commercial  Email  (UCE)  /  Unsolicited  Bulk  Email (UBE):  

Violation  of  the  CAN-­-SPAM  Act  of  2003,  or  any  other  applicable  law  regulating  e-­-mail  services, constitutes  a  violation  of  this  AUP.  A   Client  hosting  websites  or  services  on  Client’s  server supporting  spammers  or  resulting  in  any  of  9TO5Host.com ‘s  IP  space  to  be  listed   in  any  of  the various  Spam  Databases  or  black  hole  lists  will  have  its  service  immediately  disconnected.

Illegal  Activities:

Using  9TO5Host.com ‘s  services  for  illegal  purposes  or  in  support  of  illegal  activities,  including, but  not  limited  to,  transmitting  or   distributing,  downloading,  copying,  caching,  hosting  or  storing data,  information  or  content  which,  in  9TO5Host.com ‘s  sole   determination,  constitutes  a  violation  of any  relevant  law,  regulation,  ordinance  or  court  order.  Client  shall  be  responsible  for   determining what  laws,  regulations,  ordinances  and  court  orders  are  applicable  to  its  use  of  9TO5Host.com ‘s services

Using  9TO5Host.com ‘s  services  to  transmit  or  store  on  a  server  any  material  that  abuses,  threatens or  encourages  bodily  harm,   destruction  of  property  or  any  other  type  of  harm  or  any  material  in violation  of  any  duty  under  any  law  (including  court  order),   contract  or  any  fiduciary  relationship;

Forgery  or  Impersonation:

Adding,  removing,  modifying  or  forging  any  message  header,  network  header,  TCP/IP  packet  header  or any part  of  any  header  or   information  in  any  transmission  ,  originating  or  passing  through  9TO5Host.com ‘s  services,  in  an  effort  to  deceive  or  mislead  another;   impersonating  or  attempting  to impersonate  any  person  or  entity  in  any  transmission  originating  or  passing  through  9TO5Host.com ‘s   services;  misleading  or  attempting  to  mislead  any  person  or  entity  by  use  of  incorrect  identifying information.  

 Fraud/Fraudulent  Activity:

Using  9TO5Host.com ‘s  services  in  furtherance  of  or  involving  any  fraudulent  activity  or  fraudulent purpose,  or  to  make  any  fraudulent   offers  to  sell  or  buy  products,  items  or  services,  or  to advance  any  type  of  financial  scam  including,  but  not  limited  to,  pyramid   schemes,  chain  letters  or any  other  financial  scam;  using  9TO5Host.com ‘s  services  to  effect  a  misrepresentation  or  misleading   statement,  writing  or  activity;      Interference:

Interfering  with,  disrupting  or  adversely  affecting,  or  attempting  to  interfere  with,  disrupt  or adversely  affect,  the  ability  to  use  9TO5Host.com ‘s  services,  the  Internet  or  any  other  services or equipment  (this  includes  denial  of  service  attacks  against  another  network,   host  or  individual  user); using  9TO5Host.com ‘s  services  to  interfere  with,  disrupt  or  adversely  affect,  or  to  attempt  to interfere  with,   disrupt  or  adversely  affect,  the  service  of  any  Client,  Client’s  sub-­-users,  host, network  or  system,  including,  without  limitation,  via   means  of  overloading,  flooding,  email  bombing, news  bombing,  crashing  or  any  similar  activity;  using  9TO5Host.com ‘s  services  to   impede  another person’s  use  of  electronic  mail  services  or  news;  using  any  program,  or  sending  messages  of  any kind,  designed  to   interfere  with  or  disable  a  user’s  session

Unauthorised  Access  (Cracking/Hacking):

Accessing,  corrupting  or  taking,  or  attempting  to  access,  corrupt  or  take,  any  data,  information  or the  accounts  of  others;  logging   into  a  server  or  account,  or  entering  or  using  or  attempting  to enter  or  use  another  person’s  or  entity’s  computer  system  which   Client  /  Client’s  Sub-­-User  is  not authorized  to  access,  enter  or  use;  penetrating  or  attempting  to  penetrate  9TO5Host.com ‘s  security   measures  or  another  person’s  or  entity’s  computer  software  or  hardware,  electronic  communications system,  or   telecommunications  system  or  security;  and  any  similar  activity  prohibited  by  law;    

 Infringement  on  Intellectual  Property  Rights:

Using  9TO5Host.com ‘s  services  to  transmit  or  store  on  a  server  any  information,  data,  content, material  or  work  that  infringes  any   copyright,  trademark,  service  mark,  patent,  trade  secret  any  or other  intellectual  property  right(s)  of  any  person  or  entity;      

Distribution  of  Unwanted  Software:

Using  9TO5Host.com ‘s  services  to  effect  the  intentional  distribution  of  software  or  computer  code, files  or  programs  that  causes,  or   attempts  to  cause,  damage,  harassment  or  annoyance  to  persons, entities,  data  and/or  computer  systems;    

Harm  to  Minors  /  Child  Pornography:

Using  9TO5Host.com  services  to  harm  minors  in  any  way  or  transmitting  or  storing  on  a  server  any child  pornography  as  defined  by   Dutch  law  And  Indian  law  .  It  is  Client’s  obligation  to  maintain and  enforce  these  provisions  against  all  of  Client’s  Sub-­-users,  to   maintain  its  own  abuse/postmaster email  addresses  for  reporting  abuses  and  to  promptly  and  appropriately  respond  to  all  emails   sent to these  addresses.  9TO5Host.com  will  comply  with  all  orders  and  obligations  of  any  court  or government agency.   Please  consult  an  attorney  if  you  are  uncertain  of  the  legal  status  of  your  any  of  your activities.